How to Land a Job: Secrets from an HR Insider

The Definitive Guide to Landing a Job

In this no-nonsense book, I take you behind the scenes and share all of the secrets I have from being a Human Resources leader, to help you land your next job. I spill the beans about all of the secrets hiring managers are afraid to tell you and teach you how to become the best candidate for any job.

“… this has become my ultimate desk companion during my job search. I can’t believe how easy it was to turn my job hunt into a new opportunity.”

“I wish I had this guide earlier in my job hunt! Thank you – this is awesome.” 

“I’ve done a LOT of research on resumes/applying/interviewing/negotiating and there’s A LOT of NEW and JUICY info in your book! Thanks so much! I’ve already recommended it!”

“I love it.  This is a great how to do kind of book and it’s very easy to follow. I totally think that it’s worth more than the price.”

What to Expect – How to Land a Job Breakdown:

Chapter 1 – Introduction: Learn all about who I am and how I developed the program that will change you from a job hunter into a job lander. Chapter 2 – Get Your Social Media in Order: Steps to improve your online reputation and create stand-out social media profiles for business networking. Chapter 3 – Be Clear About the Job You Are Seeking: Define your target position, stop casting such a wide net – specialist versus generalist, and a level-guide to “right-set” your experience with the proper title. Chapter 4 – Your Resume:Soup to nuts, everything you need to know about your resume.

  • Part 1: 30,000 Foot View – How to leverage your resume as part of your search, how it is perceived by hiring managers and recruiters.
  • Part 2: Practical Tactical Application – How to create the most effective resume possible, where to spend your time, and the key question your resume needs to answer.

Chapter 5 – The Search and Apply: Learn how to apply to jobs like a pro with secret search details and different places to apply (on and offline). Chapter 6 – Interviewing: The first email to the recruiter, to phone interviews and onsite awesomeness – nail your interviews and stop making silly mistakes. Chapter 7 – The Offer: Things to consider before accepting the offer, what to negotiate and how, hidden components to watch out for. Chapter 8 – What are the Odds: Troubleshooting guide to help you determine what went wrong in the process and how to fix it. Chapter 9 – Get Your Ass in Gear Now: Stop stalling and start moving forward. Checklist of Action: Step-by-step list of how to land your next job.

Just the eBook

  • The ebook (30,000+ words of amazing) including:
  • Action exercises and templates
  • Interview guidelines
  • Sample scripts
  • Complete A to Z guide behind the scenes of getting hired
  • Note: Your eBook purchase comes as a pdf, .mobi for Kindle, and epub files.
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The Complete Package

  • The eBook, all of the extras, plus:
  • Audio recording of sample phone interview
  • Your own resume critique +10% discount on coaching sessions
  • Two resume critique examples
  • Cover letter template
  • Complete behavioral interviewing questions (STAR guide)
  • Action exercises and templates
  • Note: Your eBook purchase comes as a pdf, .mobi for Kindle, and epub files.
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More Reviews…

“If you are discouraged or frustrated because you haven’t gotten any bites from all of your online applications, you need to check this book out. I was stunned by how many unconscious errors I was making to rule myself out as a candidate. This is a must-read.”  

“Thank you – I finally got a job offer after months of searching, all thanks to the advice from your book. I can’t wait to recommend it to all of my friends.”

About Melissa Anzman

My name is Melissa Anzman and I help people fall in love with their jobs for a living over at Launch Your Job.  I am a former Human Resources leader at various companies across the U.S. and a reformed miserable worker bee. I have dedicated my career to helping people be happy at work and make their dream job a reality whether that be in a corporate job or as a entrepreneur. Through my coaching business, I have been lucky enough to work with CEOs, mid-level managers, manufacturing line employees – and everything in between. I currently live in Copper Mountain, CO, but have made my home in various cities across the U.S. You can find me over on Twitter @MelissaAnzman.